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Innova–The world's most advanced
automated microbiology specimen processor

Innova invented the world’s first automated specimen processor in 1996. Since then, Innova instruments have proven themselves with thousands of hours of operation, performing millions of tests in the most advanced microbiology labs. Now we are introducing the next generation for your lab, designed to free up valuable staff resources and standardize lab procedures.

The World’s Most Innovative Specimen Processor

  • Automatically process urines, swabs, feces and other liquid microbiology samples using a single universal platform
  • De-caps, plants, streaks, re-caps, prints bar-codes all in seconds
  • Fastest throughput and longest unattended walk-away time
  • Free your precious staff resources to perform tasks of greater clinical value
  • Intuitive and easy to use touch screen interface

The World’s Best Performance and Versatility

  • Automatically adapts to any sized sample container with any specimen type
  • No operator intervention required
  • Greatest specimen capacity and large media plate carousels allow for ultimate flexibility in specimen processing
  • Streak-Only Mode automatically streaks media plates for both primary cultures and subcultures
  • Our large library of standard streak patterns eliminates the need to change procedures and retrain staff

The World’s Highest Quality Results

  • Produces consistent, accurate and reproducible streaking each and every time
  • Standardizes procedures and generates better isolation
  • Improves results and assists technologists when reading, enumerating and subculturing specimens

Make the Smartest Investment

  • The smallest footprint
  • Perfect solution for labs facing labor shortages or increasing volumes
  • Saves time and money
  • Shortest payback period

For further product or pricing information, contact your Innova sales team directly at sales_innova@bd.com

Automated bar-coding ensures positive patient identification

Printing on the bottom of each completed media plate eliminates human errors that can cause time consuming delays and potential incorrect patient diagnosis.

Load & walk Away – it’s that simple

Load sample containers and fresh media plates then walk away - Innova eliminates the need to manually switch parts, change settings, or open/close containers.

High quality, consistent and reproducible streaking

This ensures plates are easier and faster to read. With robotic streaking, the days of sending back plates to be re-streaked are over. From the first specimen of the day to the end of the shift, you can report your results faster and with more consistent accuracy with Innova automation.

Interface with any LIS

Only Innova has successfully interfaced with all major LIS interfaces, allowing the option of having patient name, age, gender, test code, and more, be printed on all labels that are placed on completed media plates. Innova systems can also stand alone (without an interface) as independent specimen processors.

No additional consumables

The only supplies associated with Innova products are nichrome loops and barcode paper. Our loops last approximately 15,000 specimens and deliver substantial cost savings over disposable loops. Innova instruments are environmentally friendly.